• In our longest-lived vineyards, tradition calls for about 3,000 plants per hectare declined through old clones of Turbiana that are now very rare. They are double guyot trained and bear about 18 buds per plant.
    In the more recent plantings we have increased the number of plants per hectare to 4500 but by raising them with simple guyot the number of buds per plant drops to about 10, which benefits quality. More plants per hectare means fewer grapes per plant and therefore better grapes.
  • Production settles around 10 tons per hectare dropping to about 8 in the vineyards over 60 years old, from which we select the grapes for our "Sant'Onorata 1953." In our estates we practice integrated viticulture following the dictates of "Measure 10" applied in the Lombardy Region.
    We fertilize only with cattle and horse manure from our family farms. Herbicides are not used, only mechanical weeding is carried out by us.