The estates and the winery

  • Podere Sant'Onorata has belonged to the Ghiraldi family since 1953. Its 20 hectares of pure clay are 100 percent planted with Turbiana grapes, hence the purity of the variety in our wines.

    This estate, in the Lugana cru of Sirmione, has a vineyard stock whose age ranges from 15 to over 60 years.

    The farmhouse dating back to the 1700s is today a rare example of architectural integrity in Lugana land. Always the home of the Ghiraldi family, it has been revisited and transformed over the years, aiming at the production of our Lugana.

  • It has been joined since 1995 by another farmhouse in the immediate vicinity adding to the property another 15 hectares totally planted with vines in Turbiana and in which our winemaking cellar is located. The farmhouse, existing in it dating back to the 1600s has been transformed into the place where we vinify our grapes while scrupulously respecting the architectural structure and the essence of the building. Hence, all the equipment has been custom designed as well as the stainless steel, insulated and thermo-controlled tanks. The pneumatic air lung presses with computerized control respect the integrity of our grapes by pressing them softly and gently. The magic of the place has been respected and today ancient and modern technology coexist in harmony.